04101962_500x447Mahila Sahkti Dal is an idea conceived by Ms Richa Kalsiya.

Richa Kalsiya have understood that no one going to do any effort for the security and safety of women in India and all women of India has to work of their own, for ensuring safety and security of themselves.

Despite having the Heritage of thousands of years, the Discrimination, Harassment, Torture and Criminal Intimidation is on rise in our country.

As you are well aware that those people either in the Government or out of the Government, who claim to be well wishers of India’s citizens are just spending only their “Mouthly Efforts”.

After the Sad incident of Nirbhaya Rape………..The Crime against Women, Rape, murders of girls and women incidences are still on rise.

EVEN TODAY (i.e. 20 Dec 2015) Some are still  just Talking here and there about the Security of girls and women in our country.

It is been heard that Some  has “Formed” a Group a ‘group of all women who work for the women in the society’ and “did nothing at all even till today for the security of women in Delhi even.”

They are  much concerned for the Donations for themselves rather than the doing actual work for the women.

Richa kalsiya believe that now the time has come and all of us have to come together, join our hands together and  work collectively for the security of girls and women,  to get the justice for the victims.

Richa Kalsiya born on 3rd September belongs to a family which participated in the fight for the independence of India. Not to mention more, her grandfather Pandit  Shri Girdhari Lal Parashar of Kalian Mohalla, Nakodar, Punjab, India was a well-known and eminent freedom fighter of India and a social worker who marched along side by side with Mahatma Gandhi when Mahatma Gandhi was leading India towards the full independence.

Ms Richa Kalsiya has the socialism and fighting spirit in her blood. Since her childhood she took part in the social service programs along with her grandfather and parents. Since then along with her family responsibilities she continued with her movement for social service and the social justice for the poor, deprived men, women and Childs. Ms Richa Kalsiya runs a NGO namely ‘Rose Foundation’.  Now she has moved a step further. She is working for the cause of working women in Delhi who at times got stranded at night while coming from offices etc. Richa Kalsiya is launching a pick up and drop service for the stranded women in Delhi at the late night hour to drop them at their home safely which is scheduled to start shortly. And these are the some of her services to the Indian society and still counting………….more.